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In the window this week…


Yusuke Takemura
"untitled (portrait)"

Blown and carved glass
130 x 30 cm
5-6 kgs

© Courtesy of the artist


Yusuke has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, Kurashiki in Japan, a Masters of Studio Art at the Sydney College of the Arts and a Master of Philosophy in Glass at the Australian National University.

Yusuke’s artistic practice utilises glass as medium to investigate the infinite relationship between the bodily and sentient aspects of human existence.

From this perspective the artist is able to focus on the individual within the greater populace while exploring contemporary social issues such as overpopulation, consumerism, and capitalism and the risk they present in destroying individuality.

“Viewed from afar, the vessel is evocative of an abstracted human figure. Upon closer inspection the object offers a complex surface created through cutting, grinding and polishing, yielding an ethereal shell perforated by organic-shaped voids. I have been exploring the techniques which have informed this work for many years, gradually pushing their limits in order to balance positive and negative space while maintaining the structural integrity required of the medium of glass.”